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Tasks and counting
Mavryck algorithms are trained.


Time Savings (min)
Time saved via automation & decision making.

Risk Mitigation %

Advance identification of risk, results in risk mitigation of around 12 % of the budget

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What we do

Revolutionizing Project Management


Use our sophisticated trained algorithm for Machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence branches like Natural Language Processing, LLM, Neural Network, Robotics for your project management data for early warnings, predictions and accurate forecasting.


Automate your reports, analysis review and save thousands of staff hours. Boost your productivity by installing our Recommendation Engine. Let Mavryck do the heavy lifting.


Find patterns and detect anomalies in your project management data to compute future outcomes with confidence. Eradciate optimal biases.


Navigate uncertainty with confidence using unique Mavryck Integrated Scenario Planning. Whether its resources, schedules, cost or risk, build "What if" scenarios and see holistic impact on your projects and programs.


ViVClima® is Mavryck's flagship technology that empowers businesses to measure, analyze, and reduce their carbon footprint while staying aligned with sustainability goals. With ViVClima®, businesses can improve their environmental performance and create a positive impact on the planet.

Trusted by our customers


Information security is our top priority. Mavryck™ provides you with impactful access control hence no unauthorized individual will be able to access your data. We utilize the highest standard of privacy and data security to ensure that your data is safe at all times. Our team consistently maintains the infrastructure and cloud-based services that secure your data.


Mavryck™ was born in PIMLAB© from a collaboration between a Project Management SME and Artificial Intelligence experts. Working with leading research organizations within Canada to harness Machine Learning, Neural Networks and NLP technologies has allowed us to provide the most innovative solutions as per your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Start by creating a profile. From there you can go to the Project Selector and upload your data.

  • Maintaining the security and privacy of our clients is critical. Our team wants everyone to feel that their data is secure. Mavyrck™ utilizes a secure cloud platform. All communication between our clients and the Mavryck™ servers is also encrypted. If you have more specific security questions please feel free to email our team at [email protected].

  • Yes, please touch base with our sales team for your specific needs.

  • Yes. Flexibility is a key focus for us, we understand that you would like to test it without any strings attached. You can create free tier account and upload your project management data and delve right into our AI world. Also, we have a prebuilt demo account where you can see our different features capabilities. If you like what we are offering, just sign up and pay as per use on a monthly basis, no annual contract necessary!

  • When we were developing this ecosystem, our main objective was how to make our end user life easier in terms of learning, integration and support. All you need to do is upload your schedule, cost files and see the predictions. No learning curve required, and don't worry how the data is structured as Mavryck is intelligent enough to organize the data for its AI journey. Further, with our developed in-build API streams we can handle any integration requests, meaning no IT support necessary on your end!

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